Elim Lutheran Church is a member of an Association of Free Lutheran Churches, (AFLC).   The AFLC is a fellowship of independent congregations, who have chosen to be interdependent for the purpose of accomplishing service in the Kingdom of God that cannot best be done alone.  This association joins with over 250 Lutheran churches from across the country with a combined membership of over 30,000 making it the fourth largest Lutheran body in the United States.  The AFLC post high school Bible institute is the largest Lutheran Bible school in the country.  The AFLC headquarters along with it’s Bible school and four-year seminary is located in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Every church in the AFLC is an independent church.  There is no synodical or denominational control (free).  Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs. For example:

  • Every AFLC church chooses its own pastor
  • Every AFLC church owns it own buildings and assets
  • Every AFLC church determines its own programs