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The Story: Our Hero’s Heroics


On Good Friday, our Hero Jesus performed His heroics. The rescue of the world from sin was completed that day as Jesus cried out in a loud voice — ‘It is Finished’. The Story of God finishes it’s darkest chapter and a new story line emerges.

The Story Demands A Response


For what Jesus claims about Himself, He must be either a Lunatic or Lord. Yet, Jesus checks out and must be the Hero the Bible tells us about throughout. But if that’s true, our response is demanded. What will we do with Jesus?

The Story – Jesus in the Old Testament


There must be a white knight on a fiery steed. We need a Hero! The Story of God is all about a Hero (Jesus) coming to save. The Old Testament introduces us to Jesus through the many characters in The Story. Jesus is the true Abraham, the true Moses, the true Esther, the true David, the true Daniel.

The Story


In this Lenten season, we begin a series on The Story which is God’s Story speaking of His plan to redeem the world of it’s sin. This Story focuses on the life of Jesus Christ who is the Savior and Redeemer or Hero of this Story. We begin the story in Genesis and continue to tell the Story through the entire Bible.