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Miserable Comforters


Three friends visit Job because they heard of his great loss. Job told his friends, he couldn’t understand why these bad things have happened. In return, the friends insisted that Job was getting what he had coming to him. They were miserable comforters.

Christ In Our Suffering


We don’t know why suffering has to be part of our lives. At least we know that in our suffering, it is not that God doesn’t love or care. God is so committed to our future and our joy that He came to earth to take our sin and suffering to the cross redeeming us from it all.

God’s Glory In Our Suffering


Job is like us when bad things happen, he can’t get his head around it. He doesn’t understand the purpose in the pain. Job asks “Why?”. He complains a bit, argues a bit to God. Yet, God is OK with all the questions and complaints as Job is working them out before God. All is done within the relationship Job and God has.