Sermons by Mark Molstre

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An Obligated Life


This Memorial Day Sermon considers how the Lord calls us to “Render” to others. To render is to give to those what they have coming to them. Thus, we live the obligated life as we give back to God and others who we owe.

Praying For God’s Angry Love


Angry Love seems to be a misnomer, something God could never have. Yet, when we love someone deeply and the person chooses a way of life that leads to sin and its result, one emotion we might have is anger. The anger we have is because we love the other so much. Isaiah brings this out in his prayer to God.

The Good Samaritan Revisited

The parable of the Good Samaritan is a well known and loved parable that challenges us not to ignore the needs of our neighbor. However, in revisiting this parable, the force of the message is Jesus being our Good Samaritan. He saw us on the roadside in need and came to do what it takes to save us in our condition and empowering us to serve our neighbors.